MAKASSAR, RAKYAT NEWS – The editorial team of Rakyat News warmly welcomed a media visit from students of Islamic Broadcasting Communication (KPI) at Alauddin State Islamic University Makassar on Monday (10/6/2024).

The visit is part of their academic curriculum, aiming to provide practical insights and experiences. Thirty students accompanied by one of their lecturers, Andi Fadli, attended the visit.

Sabri, the CEO of Rakyat News, emphasized that their media outlet serves as a platform for students from any background to explore and apply their knowledge.

“We are ready to facilitate the application of knowledge for our student friends,” he stated on Monday (10/6/2024).

Sabri also shared insights into the journey of the media outlet under his leadership for the past seven years. “Through strong creativity and innovation, this media outlet has stood the test of time,” he added.

The visiting students showed great enthusiasm during the meeting, actively engaging in discussions about the operations of online media.

They were also given a tour of the newsroom, including the studio frequently used for podcast productions on the YouTube channel.

This educational visit serves as an integral part of their communication and journalism program. It provides students with firsthand exposure to media workflows, journalistic ethics, news writing techniques, and technological tools used in news production.

Such experiential learning opportunities bridge the gap between theory and practice, enhancing students’ understanding of how classroom concepts translate into real-world applications.

Furthermore, these visits foster valuable professional networks for students, opening doors to potential career opportunities in the media industry.