PAPUA, RAKYAT NEWS – Demonstrating their concern for children’s growth and development, the Mobile Task Force (Satgas Mobile) of Yonif 323/BP, through the Sinak Bandara Post, has distributed milk and eggs to children in Gigobak Village, Sinak District, Puncak Regency, Papua.

Lieutenant Fauzi, the commander of Sinak Bandara Post, stated that this initiative is part of the efforts of Satgas Mobile Yonif 323/BP, particularly at Sinak Bandara, to improve the nutritional quality of children in Gigobak Village.

“To enhance the nutritional quality of children,” he explained.

He added that this activity reflects the concern of the Sinak Bandara Post for the nutritional needs of children, who represent the future generation of Gigobak Village. During their growth phase, children face the risk of insufficient nutritional intake, which is essential for supporting their growth and health, preventing diseases, and ensuring proper development.

Second Lieutenant Dani, the task force’s Pasiter, added that besides their primary duty of maintaining the integrity of NKRI and ensuring public safety, they also assist the government in accelerating development and conduct activities to serve the communities in need at each post.

This initiative highlights the vital role of Satgas Mobile Yonif 323/BP in addressing the issue of stunting in the region. Stunting, a condition where children fail to grow properly due to chronic malnutrition, is a severe problem that can impact both the physical and cognitive development of children. Stunting can hinder the future of the nation’s next generation, which is why they strive to provide adequate nutrition through the milk and egg distribution program.