MAKASSAR, RAKYAT NEWS —The Disaster Risk Index (IRBI) in South Sulawesi is of critical importance as it directly impacts the lives of many people.

The IRBI, developed by Indonesia’s National Disaster Management Authority (BNPB), is an index used to measure and analyze disaster risks across various regions in Indonesia. This index evaluates potential risks from multiple types of disasters, including earthquakes, floods, and tsunamis.

The IRBI provides detailed insights into the risk levels of different regions, helping prioritize areas that need more attention and resources for disaster mitigation and preparedness. For South Sulawesi, the data includes assessments of hazard exposure and the potential impact on human lives, physical infrastructure, economic assets, and the environment.

This information is crucial for local governments, policymakers, and disaster management agencies to develop effective strategies for reducing disaster risks and enhancing community resilience.

Ilham Alimuddin, Head of the Research and Development Center for Disaster Studies at Hasanuddin University (Unhas), revealed that Luwu regency ranks first on the Disaster Risk Index (IRBI) in South Sulawesi.

“Of the 24 regencies and cities in South Sulawesi, Luwu has the highest IRBI, based on a rapid survey assessing the response to floods and landslides,” said Ilham during a public discussion hosted by the Society of Indonesian Environmental Journalists (SIEJ) in Makassar this week.

This review follows the dissemination program of the SIEJ-Depati Project’s collaborative investigative reporting on deforestation in Borneo, linking it to the discussion theme “Deforestation in Luwu and Routine Ecological Disasters” for South Sulawesi.

Ilham noted that Luwu often experiences ecological disasters. In early May 2024, the area was hit by floods and landslides in several locations.

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