JAKARTA, RAKYAT NEWS – In a bid to support Indonesia’s Vision 2045, Boeing has reaffirmed its commitment to aid the development of the country’s aerospace industry through various strategic initiatives. A primary focus is the development of competent human resources ready to face future challenges.

Zaid Alami, Country Managing Director of Boeing Indonesia, emphasized the importance of investment in education and training. He believes that developing human resources is the cornerstone for the growth of the aerospace industry.

“We plan to collaborate with educational institutions in Indonesia to develop relevant curricula and provide training that meets industry needs,” he stated.

Boeing is also committed to supporting sustainability initiatives in Indonesia, including the implementation of environmentally friendly technologies in production processes and flight operations.

“We want to ensure that the growth of Indonesia’s aerospace industry is not only economically robust but also environmentally sustainable,” added Zaid.

Boeing plans to assist Indonesian airlines in adopting the latest aircraft technologies that are more fuel-efficient and reduce carbon footprints.

Collaboration with the Indonesian government is a crucial aspect of Boeing’s strategy. “Our support will also involve close cooperation with the government in developing policies that support the growth of the aerospace industry. We believe that with the right regulations, Indonesia can become a major player in the global aviation industry,” said Zaid.

Boeing is committed to supporting the development of regulatory frameworks that foster innovation and industry growth, and to helping Indonesia achieve high safety and operational standards.

In achieving Vision 2045, Boeing collaborates not only with the National Development Planning Agency (Bappenas) but also with various ministries, government officials, regulators, and companies.