JAKARTA, RAKYAT NEWS – In 2020, over 23.3 million Asians played golf, marking an 11.5% increase since 2016. This surge positions put Asia as one of the fastest-growing regions for the sport.

“The number of golfers in Indonesia is expected to reach 170,000 by the end of 2023, based on purchases at golf shops,” said Adi Saksono, Head of Championships and Achievements for the Executive Board of the Indonesian Golf Association (PGI).

Golf is not only gaining popularity among the younger generation but is also becoming an invaluable networking tool for business professionals.

According to Reno Adityo, Chairman of the Indonesian Young Entrepreneurs Association (HIPMI) Jaya Golf Autonomous Agency, Forbes data indicates that 90% of CEOs listed in the Fortune 500 are golfers, with 80% of them playing the sport to foster business relationships.

“One round of golf takes about four hours, during which players spend considerable time walking and conversing with their group. This makes golf an excellent medium for networking,” Reno explained.

Chairman of the HIPMI Jaya Golf Autonomous Body, Reno Adityo is giving a speech at the HIPMI Jaya Gobar event

As the co-founder and director of PT Lamandau Subur Sejahtera, a company in the agribusiness sector, Reno added that playing golf can enhance opportunities to expand professional relationships. Golf not only promotes health but also facilitates building strong business connections in a relaxed environment.

Golf is often used to negotiate business deals, making it an unofficial yet essential skill for corporate management. However, aspiring golfers must also be proficient. “You should be able to master this game well,” said Reno, who successfully reactivated HIPMI Jaya Golf after seven years of dormancy.